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Increase Your Paid Search ROI by 30%

Drive More Conversions with Patented Technology

  • Eliminate Guesswork with Patented IP Capture Technology
  • See Entire User Journey from Start to Finish w/ “Full Click Attribution”
  • Maximize Paid Search Budget & Campaign Efficiency
  • Track Conversions Across ALL Channels & Networks in Real Time
  • Real Time Campaign Optimization & Automation
  • Most Granular Reporting in the Industry

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    Free Online Marketing Strategy!

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    With Google catering their search engine results mobile devices, Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising via Adwords has never been more important. LMg is a Google Certified Partner and a paid search expert. Our “Conversion-Based Optimization” PPC approach increases your leads while lowering your costs and maximizing your paid search budget.

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    Create brand awareness and target your customers via Display Advertising based on location, age, gender, interests and lifestyle. Grow your business and expand your online footprint with an optimal Display strategy from LMg. Targeting the right audience with right message is the key to a successful display campaign.

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    Social Media

    Increase your online visibility & brand awareness with LMg’s Social Media solutions. Expand your online footprint while engaging your customers and target audience. LMg understands the nuances of social media marketing and will develop a strategy to increase your brand awareness and build customer loyalty via Facebook, Instagram, Instagram and Twitter.

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    It’s essential to stay in front of individuals that land on your website with Retargeting technology. Doing so allows your business reinforce its brand and message while a potential customer that has visited your site is deciding which vendor to give their business to. Retargeting increases lead conversions and drives customers to your business.

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    Grow Your Business with LMg’s Digital Marketing Solutions.

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    • Increase Your Online Visibility
    • Get Found by Potential Customers
    • Build Brand Awareness
    • More Qualified Leads
    • Grow Your Business


    AdWords Certified & A+ BBB

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