SEO is still one of the biggest components of an effective marketing strategy and its proper use can play a crucial role in the success of any marketing strategy. Luckily, using SEO effectively isn’t difficult and if you’re wondering about how to do so, following are the 5 keys to success.

1.     Good Keywords

Keywords should be the main thing you think of when you’re working on your content. By conducting a quick research for quality keywords, you can ensure that what you share will show up on the search engine. You can also opt to go for less competitive keywords that will increase your ranking by reducing the competition.

2.     Quality Content

Your content is the star here and it is not going to shine if it is not of good quality. Original content is also a must as Google and other search engines take plagiarism claims very seriously. It also hurts the credibility of your own business so consider getting high quality, original content.

3.     Don’t Forget the Images

Content doesn’t have to be only in the form of words. Visual content also plays a huge role in appealing to the users. With good images, you can entice a viewer to browse your site for a little while. Keep in mind that the image should be thematically linked with the content in the article, blog or listicle.

4.     The Tiny Meta Tags

Meta tags might be tiny but they also play a larger role, particularly when used for SEO. Including these makes it easier for search engines such as Google to sift through your content with ease. With its help, you can easily improve visibility and cut down competition, particularly when you are facing a lot of it.

5.     Using Backlinks

Backlinks are necessary as they play a huge role in working as a call to action. Whether it’s providing more information or allowing one to sign up for something, having backlinks creates an actionable conclusion out of your content.