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LOGISTICS MARKETING group is a full-service digital marketing agency firm that provides comprehensive online marketing solutions for both small, medium, and large companies. Our leadership team has over 40 years of combined experience in website promotion and online marketing. We partner with you to develop an affordable online marketing strategy that will increase your company’s online visibility, website traffic, and revenue.

The digital marketing landscape is extremely diverse and can often be confusing. That’s why it’s important to work with a firm well versed in all forms of web-based promotion and marketing. Our digital marketing agency’s core competencies include Website Design, SEO, SEM/Pay Per Click, Social Media, Programmatic Display, Geofencing, OTT/CTV, Remarketing, Online Reviews & Reputation Management, and Website Visitor Direct Mail. Regardless of your company’s digital marketing needs, LOGISTICS MARKETING group’s has the tools and tactical expertise to expand your online footprint and increase your brand awareness.



Your company’s website serves as your storefront on the web. That’s why it’s imperative that individuals seeking the products or services that your company provides can find your site via Google, Yahoo, or Bing. With a steady regimen of optimization, LMg’s SEO experts will give your company 24/7 online exposure to your targeted audience in the form of “Organic Placement”. This increased visibility will help drive traffic to your site and increase your sales.



Conducting a SEM or “Pay Per Click” campaign on Google, Yahoo, or Bing can be a very effective marketing tool for your company, but it also can be very expensive and risky. That’s why LMg utilizes a SEM or “Pay Per Click” software platform to maximize your campaign’s efficiency and budget. Your marketing dollars are too precious to squander on search terms and locations that only deliver clicks and not customers. Our platform analyzes your campaign in real-time and optimizes accordingly based on your conversions. Thus, your “Paid Search” campaign will run on an optimal level at all times.



Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin when used correctly are excellent tools for promoting your company’s brand and increasing your company’s exposure. But it takes more than just making posts and clicking “Like” to actually generate revenue. It requires a well-conceived strategy that leverages Social Media outlets in a way that expands your company’s online footprint, stirs interest, and presents your company in the best possible light.



Are you looking for ways to reach potential customers through digital marketing for your business? Programmatic Display is a great way to do just that. By using the latest in Digital Marketing and Programmatic Display, you can ensure that your products are reaching the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

LOGISTICS MARKETING Group provides an end-to-end programmatic display platform that can help your business maximize its online presence and reach its target market in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Programmic Display




Geofencing technology allows businesses to reach potential customers based on their physical location and/or visitation behaviors. A person’s location often indicates purchasing intent and behavior. With geofencing, your business can target locations and competitors where your target audience or customer is most likely to be. Those individuals that breach the virtual fence will become part of a targeted audience that you can then serve ads on mobile, desktop, laptop, and CTV/OTT. Learn how to create hyper targeted brand awareness with LMg’s Geofencing solutions.



For some time, advertisers have used geofencing marketing in a localized way, targeting consumers in precise areas. Many of those same midsize companies didn’t have the budgets to advertise on TV Stations ranging from TBS to TNT. Now, it’s possible for those with and without TV budgets to advertise through Connected TV & Over The Top Devices.

There are now an estimated 63 million “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” in the US only reachable by Connected TV and digital channels.  Connected TV (CTV) & OTT provides enterprises with a programmatic advertising platform for engaging digital TV streamers with the level of precision you expect from all your campaigns: in-market audiences, demographics, offline behaviors and of course geofencing & household geofencing.




Get Reviews


Online reviews are essential to your company’s reputation and bottom-line.  That’s because over 70% of consumers check the reviews of local businesses before making a purchase decision. Positive reviews and

star ratings have never been more important. The key is to review acquisition is to provide an easy and seamless pathway for your happy customers to review your business on the most important reviews outlets such as Google My Business, Facebook, and other industry specific outlets. LOGISTICS MARKETING group can help you enhance your online reputation.



Whether you are starting a new business or needing to upgrade an existing site, LMg will create a website that is both fully optimized and aesthetically pleasing. Your website is your company’s storefront on the web, and the team at LMg will work diligently to design and build your company a dynamic website that serves as both a marketing and financial asset to your business.


If your company is needs a dynamic website or an effective SEO or Internet Marketing strategy, then contact the professionals at LOGISTICS MARKETING group. Our team of experts will design a strategy that best suits both your needs and budget. Whether your company needs a comprehensive internet marketing solution or requires a more specific solution such as Website Design, SEO, SEM, Social Media, or Remarketing, LOGISTICS MARKETING group has a solution to help your company achieve all its online marketing goals. Contact us today for a free website assessment and consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with your company to help grow your business through increased online visibility via with our proven internet marketing strategies.


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