LOGISTICS MARKETING group provides complete SEM Services or Pay Per Click Management services for businesses both small and large. Regardless of your budget our team of experts will partner with your business to develop a SEM strategy geared toward increasing targeted lead flow while lowering your “Conversion Cost” and “Cost Per Acquisition”.

Unlike other companies that simply manage your “Adwords” or paid search campaign, LMg’s SEM Services or Pay Per Click Management services utilize patented technology to analyze your campaign in real time to increase efficiency. Our state of the art software platform pulls up to the minute performance statistics and optimizes your campaign in real time. Real time optimization means your campaign’s operates at an optimum level while maximizing your budget for paid search.

How It Works:

Real Time Proxy

We create a proxy for each of our clients’ sites. This way, when a user clicks on an ad and navigates through your website, the results can be tracked and analyzed. With our proxy, we are able to view information about each user such as:  navigation paths, geo location, and IP addresses. In addition, individual campaign performance is recorded via the proxy for items like search queries and keyword performance.

Conversion-based Optimization

Conversion-based Optimization optimizes your campaign based on actual conversions in real time. Our proprietary technology tracks and learns over time the keywords, networks, bids, phrasing, locations, and time of day etc. that drives the best and most efficient performance for our campaign. This data is fed back to the campaign and optimized in real time to increase performance.

Tracking Phone Numbers

We provide each customer with unique remote call forwarding (RCF) phone numbers that redirect to your standard business lines, so we can track and record each call lead we drive to your company.

Tracking and Reporting

We provide regular reports detailing your campaign’s performance in a form that is both user-friendly and easy to comprehend.

Maximize your “Paid Search” marketing dollars with LOGISTICS MARKETING group. Our SEM Services or Pay Per Click Management services will increase your campaign’s efficiency while lowering your “cost per conversion” and “cost per acquisition”. With LMg’s state of the art software platform, you can rest assured that your SEM/Pay Per Click campaign will perform at an optimum level 24/7. Contact LMg today for all your SEM Services and Pay Per Click Management needs.

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