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Why LMg for PPC Management?

Full-Service PPC Management Solution:

  • Real-Time Conversion-based Optimization
  • Custom PPC Technology & Website Proxy
  • Cross-Chanel Lead Attribution
  • Custom Lead Tracking & Reporting
  • Google Certified Partner
  • ROI & Data Driven Results

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    Free Online Marketing Strategy!

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    Maximize Your PPC Budget & ROI with Real-Time Conversion-Based Optimization

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    AnalysisReal-Time Analysis

    Cutting edge technology that gathers and analyzes paid search data from your Pay-Per-Click / PPC campaign in real-time that maximizes budget efficiency while lowering Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL). Our PPC approach delivers data driven results and ROL.

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    ConversionsConversion-Based Optimization

    Take the guesswork out Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising with true Conversion-Based Optimization technology that will identify optimal keywords, bids, locations, days or the week, and times of day that deliver the most PPC conversions. Conversion data will determine when and where to allocate your PPC budget.

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    Tracking & ReportingTracking & Reporting

    Receive custom paid search reports daily , weekly, or monthly based on your preference. LMg’s PPC management reporting will allow you track how and where every dollar of your PPC budget is utilized. We believe in transparency and data driven results.

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    Increased Leads & ROIIncreased Leads & ROI

    Our approach to Pay-Per-Click or PPC management is simple. Deliver as many leads as possible via real-time data analysis and conversion-based optimization., LMg drives maximum leads and ROI with superior technology, budget allocation, and efficiency.

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    Grow Your Business with LMg’s PPC Management Solutions

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    • Higher Conversion Rate
    • Higher Quality Scores
    • Optimal Bid Strategies
    • Lower Cost-Per-Click
    • Lower Cost-Per-Lead
    • Increased Efficiency


    AdWords Certified & A+ BBB

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