Every successful CEO knows that when a marketing opportunity presents itself, she/he must immediately capitalize on it, i.e., use it to attract, convince, and convert as many prospective and qualified customers as possible. However, in order to benefit from this opportunity, the firm’s marketing team must know how to integrate techniques related to social media in their marketing campaign. Not every situation presents you good ROI, unless you are willing to learn the techniques on how to aggressively mold it into your favor.

Today, every prudent business can be found on different social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Yelp, Bing Google, Yahoo and more. Social media tracking has become only second to SEO services and pay per click management, and allows you to engage with your customer directly, sell more products and services and build brand presence.

From the past ten years, brand marketers have been actively engaging in social media marketing but have experienced minimal results. Why is that? Even in cases where e-commerce is a straight up technique for customers, presenting them everything at their fingertips. The question remains: how do you attribute the relationship of last click versus the brand?

The reason why many brand marketers are seeing their marketing ROI gradually erode is their inability to analyze the right data. It’s not the lack of data that has made it difficult to distinguish a loyal customer, rather the confusion in identifying which data matters the most.

At first, a business’s popularity was measured my it’s numbers of followers and likes. However, today we realize that engagement is the right metric, and which forces us to rethink how we’re targeting our customers or identifying a customer’s interests. Now, social media platforms enable us to take control of this with the help of different metrics and data streams that even track customers’ behavior.

This eBook will tell you how online marketing services such as SEO, pay per click ads, social media platforms and reviews, especially on Google and other platforms helps you to attract and qualify customers. Each service enhances the value of the other and helps you to promote your campaign that will ultimately increase your ROI.


SEO – Why Do I Need SEO for My Website?

A survey conducted in 2015 by BrightTALK reported that 80% of marketers believe that their lead generation tactics are somewhat effective. SEO is one of the most important marketing assets, and should be the starting point of all lead generation strategies that companies should utilize to qualify their customers and take their brand to the top. According to the same survey, 53% of the marketers allocate more than half of their budget to lead generation.

A survey conducted by WordStream in 2016 reported that 72% of the consumers purchased a product from store located within five miles of their house and did so by doing a local search. This tells us that how important it is for us to invest our time, money and efforts into creating an SEO strategy.

As mentioned earlier, we believe that in order to increase traffic on your website and drive more sales, a specific SEO strategy must me created that markets your niche. So, how do we ensure that your website is found in the top ranks of Google? By employing a number of techniques such as:

  • Website Design
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Mapping
  • Social Media
  • SERP Reporting
  • Blogging and Press Release
  • Link Building
  • Content Coding
  • Local Directory Listing

Website Design

Why is website design so important? “The first impression is the last impression”, do you agree? Similarly, a business’s website is the first impression that sets the mood of a customer. A customer is always looking for a seamless yet unique website that allows him to navigate easily and freely.

Are all the answers available on your website?

In our opinion, a website must be designed in such a way that a customer does not find the need to call its customer representative for further queries, unless it is absolutely necessary. Our website designs also include methods of payment, so that customers can pay on the spot. This not only increases your sales but also retains your customers. The more user-friendly your website is the, easier it will be for Google to scan it and bring it the top rankings, which bring us to our next point.

Site Mapping

Most companies do not invest in site mapping, which is a big setback in lead generation. What exactly is a site map and what does it do for our website? A site map is basically an outline that lists all the data that will go on your website. Where designing a website is a daunting task, a site map is much easier and allows you to make a website that reflects your brand both in design and content. A site map is what gives access to search engines to ‘crawl’ your website and make it optimized. It makes your website easily navigable, for both the search engines and your target customers. The easier it is for the search engines to crawl through data on your website, the higher the chances are of your website appearing in the top rankings.

SERP Reporting

SERP reporting is a simple enough process that requires your attention from time to time. It is basically a report that lists the top ten URLs based on a particular keyword. The process gives you a glimpse of the ranking signals, which informs you how and why particular websites are in the top ranking. This allows you to compare certain keywords, which helps you create a more targeted SEO strategy.

Social Media

The more exposure your brand has, the more awareness it will spread. This means creating linked accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In and more. Today, even Instagram has become a huge player in promoting businesses. By running promotions on your pages and posting different types of content you can keep your followers updated. By staying at the forefront, you will increase your chances of finding new clients and reminding the existing ones that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Blogging and Press Release

Blogging and press release are two of the most inexpensive marketing options. Today, the world operates on blogging. People want to be educated about the latest product, what it offers and how they can benefit from it. They need a personal and funny story, which they can relate to. This creates a strong relationship with the readers and sets them on the path to becoming a customer and eventually to a consumer.

As for press release, it is an important means for small, as well as large business to tell their story to the world. No matter what you are selling, there’s always a story and your audience needs to know that if you want them to become customers. It helps you spread your name wide and establish it as an industry expert. The more publicity you get, the more your business is viewed as a reliable brand. Press releases are not just a way to attract customers but also investors. By highlighting your advancements and successes, you get the chance to inform big industry investors about your latest achievements and projects.

Keyword Analysis

Where does business start from? When a person types a keyword in the search box. The conversation rate highly depends on this, which makes the ‘keyword’ valuable to return activities. Finding the perfect rank can either break or make your website. The beauty of a keyword is that by researching on the market’s demand for it, you can learn the phrases and terms with which to target the audience using SEO. Furthermore, you will get to know more about the customers and what they are looking for.

Our keyword analysis does not focus on bringing more visitors to your website. It focuses on bring the right visitor who will ultimately become your customer. There’s a lot you can achieve through our keywords analysis, such as:

  • Predict the shift in the market’s demand
  • Fast response to changing conditions in the market
  • Deliver content, services and products that people are actively seeking

How Do We Judge Your Keywords’ Value?

To us, it’s not just about giving you a keyword that will match your business. We want to provide you with SEO optimized content, where keywords are placed strategically leading to one goal: Increasing sales.

Say your business is selling Italian leather boots. We use a keyword research tool along with AdWords that allows us to create specific keywords that have the most possibility of being written in the search engine. When we talk about Italian leather booths, people usually write ‘brown shoes’. Since your business is part of the niche market, we transform your keyword into something much more satisfactory such as ‘Italian leather boots’. This word is also used commonly and will direct people to your website.

How do we guarantee this? With the help of our SEO optimized content, your website will always appear in the first ranking.

Long Tail Keyword

Now a day, markets are also using a number of long tail keywords to speed up their conversion cycle. Yes, a simple keyword does the job but does it perform to its best? Understand long tail keyword is quite easy.

Where your sale with a simple keyword is always dependent on your website’s ranking, a long tail keyword is based on its uniqueness. Let’s take the Italian leather boots as an example again. The person typing ‘black boots’ may or may not click on your website but a person writing ‘Italian leather boots black size 10’ is more likely to click on your website. With these words in your content, we promise a faster buying cycle. A person searching shoes with simple keyword is browsing and still in the decision phase, whereas the person searching with the long tail keyword has his wallet open and is ready to spend.

Link Building

Link building is like a voting system that helps you determine the popularity of your website. Why is it necessary? With the help of links, Google rates and decides if you are worthy enough to be placed in the top ranking or not.

Link building is based on algorithms, which is why you need an expert like us to perform this perplexing task for you. In the hands of an amateur, there’s a possibility that Google might flag you as spam and dump you into the category of websites that are not trustworthy.

Links connecting to your website from other trustworthy sources increase your website’s popularity based on the number of pages they are coming from.

Through an application, we review each link and see how relevant it can be to your website. Overtime, links get stale and is the reason why there’s a sudden decline in visitors to your website. This can be easily measured by keeping track of which link is bringing in more traffic and then using that to find more trustworthy websites. The more popular the website, the better.

How We Create Your Link Building Campaign

  • Searching for Relevant Terms

As mentioned earlier, your keyword is the most important thing that increases conversation rate. The right keyword will help with the link building. Our top priority is to bring your website in the SERP’s top ranking. First, we search similar keywords that particularly target the title tag or the headline. Taking the example of ‘Italian leather boots’ again, we search for websites that sell high quality Italian leather boots and start link building from there.

  • Backlinks

Your competitor’s Backlinks are a clever way for us to see what type of keywords they are targeting. With the help of a software, we discover links that comes in the ranking of your keyword and then target the domains for your link building campaign.

  • Keeping a Balance of Links on the Page

Despite what you think, too many links crowding a website can dilute the presence of your link. We have discovered that the less links there are on a website, the higher the chances are a person will click a link to your website. This is why, we find websites that are not just trustworthy but unique and have minimal links.

Content Coding

Content coding is another important part of the SEO. This is the tool that makes your website and content SEO optimized. Without going into any details, we will give you a brief overview of the areas that we cover to make your content appear in the high ranks.

A source code is what Google reads to determine where your websites appear in the SERP and when to give this website to people searching with specific keywords. This is what differentiates your website from others and makes it unique. Following are some of the important coding we do to make your website SEO optimized:

  1. Title Tag: Title tag is the way Google searches what content you are looking for.
  2. Meta Description: A brief description of the content you are looking for. It is written below the title tag and either gives you a sample about the website or the content.
  3. H1 Tag: The title to the content that appears when you open the website.
  4. Nofollow Link: Stops Google from directing the person to other websites and prevents visitors from changing lanes.
  5. Image Tags: This tag tells Google what your image is about and helps it rank higher in the search engine.
  6. Internal and External Links: The link that either takes the person to your website or another website.
  7. Canonical Tag: A recent addition to content coding. This tag helps you keep your website secure and prevents other people from stealing your name. It keeps you original and directs people to your website when they type your address in the browser.

 Local Directory Listing

Local directory listing is a fantastic way to increase your online presence. The four things that are necessary for a local directory listing are:

  1. Registered domain name
  2. Phone number that connects directly to your business
  3. Business address and PO Box
  4. Physical presence of your business

With the help of a software, we create local search citations that allow Google to give you better ranking on the basis that your business is real. We create business listings on Instagram Local, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Bing Places and Yelp.

Social Media Management

Today, social media is the one and only platform that helps you get in touch with your customers and target audience. It makes it easy for a business to interact, listen, collaborate and engage with people. An account on Facebook and Twitter is easy to manage but what happens when your reach increases and you are surrounded with hundreds of messages and a dozen platforms where you need to post fresh content and at the same time, give feedback to the comments on the old ones? It’s a labor and time intense process that needs to be effectively tracked and monitored, so that you don’t lose your audience or the customers.

The key to managing incoming and outbound online interactions is through social media management. Along with the marketing activities, social media management streamlines how you participate in your audiences’ relevant conversations on various places such as blogs or social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

With the help of our services, you will not have to worry about keeping track of such minuscule things. Our people will monitor everyday interactions related to your business on all platforms. To make sure that all platforms are targeted, we use a software that sends messages to multiple social media outlets at the same time.

Why is it Important

Social media networking is similar to word of mouth. As a business owner, it is important to join all kinds of online conversations about your brand, your competitors’ brand and any areas of expertise relating to your brand.

Your comments show how committed you are to your customers and audience. It paints your business in a positive light and builds credibility. Management of these accounts is also to mitigate any damage to your reputation done by negative reviews and comments. Social media networks increase your conversation cycle and steer them towards other marketing programs that helps us easily track them, so that you can add them to your potential client email list.

Following are the basics that we cover in social media management:

Creating content for multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and personal conversation forms

  • Scanning and monitoring reviews and deciding what comments should be responded to
  • Checking your reader subscription for innovative ideas
  • Scanning conversation for followers you would like to interact with one-on-one
  • Using Google Alerts to keep track of any mentions about your business on the web
  • Creating topics for LinkedIn and Facebook

Since these activities are equally important as managing your marketing campaign, we make sure that your customers and target audience is satisfied on all platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

There was a time when SEO and paid search was considered a part of SEM. However, with the world changing and people using different tactics for browsing the internet, both these marketing tactics have been separated. Where now SEO is used to create content that targets a specific audience and earns the visitors, SEM is used to buy visitors. SEM is now categorized into different services having a steep level, which is frankly hard to wade through. This is why you need a professional to come up with the right SEM technique that will suit your business. The three top SEM techniques include:

  • Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Most businesses opt for PPC and CPC because they are more reliable and provide fast conversation tracking. However, don’t negate CPM because at one point, when your business reaches its resonance stage, it can be beneficial.

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Most people don’t give any importance to pay per click services. This is where new businesses fail. What if your business is not reaching the audience the way you expected it to? There can be only one reason for this: Your content is not SEO optimized for Google to crawl your website and prove it is worthy for the top ranking.

PPC is a bidding war for the right keyword and audience where the search engine takes your queries and gives you display ads that promise high clicks. The goal of PPC is to:

  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales
  • Promote brand awareness

PPC basically gives you the opportunity to buy your customers rather than earn them. The world’s biggest PPC platform is Google AdWords. Similar to AdWords, another popular PPC platform is Bing Ads that displays ads on Yahoo and Bing. Both platforms are great for PPC management and promise high results.

PPC platforms such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords can be operated quite easily. However, a professional can maximize your ROI by creating a targeted PPC advertising campaign. The reason why PPC is great a SEO tool is because it is incredibly controllable and measurable. The software has layers of complexity, which present further complications in the coding phase. The best part about these platforms is that they allow you to track the clicks.

The account structure contains various layers that need to be set specifically according to what your business is about. Following is a brief overview on how we create the account structure for your PPC campaign:

Step #1

Choosing the Ad Group

Let’s follow with the shoes example: Italian Leather Boots. The campaign of Italian boots is now given a sub-category like:

  • Black Italian Boots
  • Brown Italian Boots
  • Blue Italian Boots

This sub-category is further divided into different variations of the keyword you choose. For example:

  • Italian Black Boots
  • Black Boots Italian
  • Italian Black Boots on Sale

Step #2


Now, the keyword you chose must be assigned a category. This category is the query that a person will make to find the brand. There are seven categories for matching the keywords. Following is a table that shows how this works:

Match Type Keyword Potential Search Query
Exact [Italian Boots] Italian Boots
Exact (Close Variant) [Italian Boots] Italian Boot
Phrase “Italian Boots” Italian Boots for Sale
Phrase (Close Variant) “Italian Boots” Italian Boot on Sale
Broad Italian Boots Italian Shoes
Modified Broad +Italian +Boots Boots from Italy
Broad (Session-Based) Italian Boots Leather Shoes


Step #3

Writing the Ad Copy

Once a keyword has been generated, the ad can be written. This is how the ad structure works:

  • Headline
  • Description Line One and Two
  • Display URL


The most important thing about display ads is that the above three steps must be performed correctly in order for your ad to appear at the top. SEO focuses on driving more people to your website but what you don’t know is that a typical user does not scour the search engine page. They click through the first website that matches their query and read the information, news, recipes and entertainment the display ads provide.

Display ads compliment your AdWords campaign and funnel more people to your website. This increases brand awareness and reminds the customers about your brand. We match your display ad to the hosting website’s topic and make sure that the content is relevant to the website, so that people click through. The content can be video, image or a short message.

The key to creating a clickable display ad is designing it in a way that it stands out and still blends seamlessly with the host website. Our professionals create display ads keeping four important things in mind:

  1. An image that compliments the words
  2. Colors that match your brands
  3. Clear fonts
  4. Call to action

Conversion Tracking

The real reason why you need PPC tracking is because it helps you keep track of your conversations till the sale. Your account’s performance can be measured through this, which ultimately leads to your business’s ROI increasing.

Any platform you choose, certain code snippets are placed in key pages such as the thank you or order confirmation page. Google AdWords offers the following conversion tracking:

  • Tablet or mobile app
  • Webpage
  • Call from ads by clicking on call extensions
  • Clicks on numbers when browsing through mobile website
  • Call through your website on forwarding number on Google
  • Third party platforms (Imported goals)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics account helps us to track behavior of the visitors on your website post purchase. This is a great tool to include in your PPC campaign because it provides you information about what pages the visitors are viewing most and how much time they are spending on it. The reason why we advise all our clients to take advantage of this tool is because it makes generating targeted content much easy. We are able to create advertising and marketing campaigns for you that are more relevant and one which target’s a specific audience.

Reputation Management

Did you know that businesses that reply to reviews left by customers, experience a 10% to 15% upgrade in their rating? It goes without saying that it’s impossible to satisfy your customers all the time. There’s always going to be a customer who will leave an unsatisfactory review, which has the possibility of destroying your company’s reputation. This is the reason why you need an expert to manage your online reputation, dedicatedly.

The truth is when people read about your company’s reputation in reviews, they always focus on broad consensus. This means that they are looking for a pattern where they can satisfy themselves that your business has a good reputation. Therefore, a single review amongst ten average reviews will not garner any attention. 79% of businesses believe that online reviews give customers that final push when they are in the decision-making process. This shows that an online review whether it is on Google, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. persuades people into buying your product or service.

The trick to reputation management is to be completely transparent. We use a number of techniques that allows us to monitor reviews about your business and bring the top ones at the fore front on every social media platform.

Our techniques:

  • By using an online review form, we provide you with a platform where customers can leave a review about your service by taking a survey
  • We monitor you reviews on every platform and post and share the top reviews to different platforms
  • We keep tabs on recent reviews, so that they can be placed in the front

Here’s how we tackle a critical and positive review:

online marketing ebook




  • If the user has a legitimate concern, then we inform them about any changes that were made and invite them to purchase your service again.
  • If the user has some misunderstanding, then we state your policies and provide them with a link to your website.
  • A rant is the most difficult to tackle because you are walking on a slippery slope. Saying the wrong thing can cost you a lawsuit, which is why you need to proceed politely. Here, we present the story from your side and explain to them how it was a mistake on your part. This is a straight apology, which is why you should be humble.

Here’s how we tackle a positive review:

online marketing ebook

  • Responding publicly to a good review is adding a thank you note
  • A direct message to a user with a perfect review is always a simple thank you, which shows the customer that you value them and took out the time to deliver a personalized message

Creating Your Business’s Person Review Site

The best way to monitor all you review is to create a site where reviews from different websites can be read at one place. We manage your reputation by:

  • Creating a dialogue box that asks customers if they would recommend you
  • These customers are automatically directed to a page where they are asked to write a review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Customers who do not recommend you are sent to a ‘private feedback’ page where they can write their concerns

The goal of a review is to increase your ROI and when a customer writes a positive review on any website, we post that review to your website and generate an automatic review posting system that brings all the positive reviews at the top.

Online reviews leave an impression on a potential customer and changes the way how they proceed with the decision of buying your product or service. Their decision-making habits can be summarized as follows:

  • They act more rationally and their decision is magnified due to the information they read (limited information makes them lose interest quite quickly therefore, we make sure that a review that gives insight into your business is posted at the top)
  • The ‘compromise effect’, which makes them think twice, is lessened
  • They become brand loyal
  • They focus more on the brand rather than its virtue
  • Your product or service is given more power as compared to your competitors
  • Your response to their review convinces them that you value them and they feel treasured

This understanding, coupled with our experience in managing reputation for hundreds of brands and our knowledge gained by staying abreast of current market trends and dynamics, helps us ensure that our client’s reputation is impeccable.


In order for an SEO campaign to be successful, you need to use several other marketing activities such as social media management, search engine marketing and reputation management. Not every business uses the same plan to increase its ROI. What might work for a company that sells car, might not work for a company that provides residential renovating services.

It is highly important to understand that your business needs expert advice on how to take your business to top. Do not lose sight of your business’s reputation in search of ROI. Your business will only generate revenue if it is able to provide customers with quality products and services. Their satisfaction does not just depend on you providing them a pleasant experience but your ability to connect with them and build a strong and lasting relationship.

The marketing activities discussed and explained above, all form a cohesive group that makes your business successful. Whether you are trying to bring your business in the top ranking on SERP or using search engine marketing to buy customers, you need to make a clear plan of your goals. As for us, our job is to come with a marketing plan that will not just build your company’s reputation but expose it to set a of untapped target market that will increase your ROI.